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Hier finden sich die Infos zum Umzug der DadA-Dokumentationen in das neue DadAWeb-Portal unter MediaWiki.



Es gibt zwei Mediawiki-Extensions zur Integration von bibliographischen Daten im BibTex-Format

1. BibWiki

Bibwiki is a web-based interface to manage bibliographies. Bibwiki is an extension for MediaWiki. The bibliographies itself are stored in plain text files in the common BibTeX format. With Bibwiki it's easy to:

- import from Aleph OPAC, Amazon or Proquest/CSA databases
- manage digital documents (web pages, PDF files)
- export using BibTeX styles
- generate lists of references for Microsoft Word documents.

2. Bibtex

The Bibtex extension is designed to parse bibtex sources and display them in web pages using mediawiki engine. The bibtex code is placed inside <bibtex>...</bibtex> markups.


Amongst the embedded features there are:

  • ACM-like popup to display the bibtex sources,
  • Emacs-like mecanism to give the type of entries and the list of fields to fill in for each entry type,
  • The possibility to link each reference with a pdf or postscript file uploaded in the wiki itself,
  • Two versions, one working with restrict extension, allowing to have several levels of visualization ie reference can be viewable, whereas pdf or postscript file are restricted and not viewable for anonymous visitors.

Infos zum BibTEX-Format


  • Lifeanwendungen von BibWiki und Bibtex suchen und prüfen
  • Testdaten im BibTeX-Format erstellen für DadA-P und DadA-L